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State Department Issues DV Lottery Guidelines
The State Department issued information, questions and answers on the criteria and procedures for applying for the FREE Diversity Visa Lottery.

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Online Case Status & Processing Times
If you have an application receipt number, you can find out the status of your immigration matter online.

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We serve the business community by helping American businesses with obtaining foreign workers to fill open positions in the United States. We assist the foreign workers in obtain evaluations of their professional credentials and education to meet the requirements of United States employers and licensing boards. We consult with both the employer and the prospective foreign employee in regards to the types of visas available and determine the appropriate visa based on the goals of both the company and the individual worker. We provide our clients with a detailed explanation of the entire process from visa to permanent residency and evaluate each individual's potential to succeed with their application.

We assist our clients in developing comprehensive business plans that take into consideration everything from the essentials, such as income tax consequences and business licensing requirements, to other important considerations such as the client's immigration status and plans for future residency within the United States.

We perform business formation services to establish legal entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other non-profit organizations. In addition, we help our clients obtain all of the relevant business licenses and federal and state tax identification numbers.

We advise defendants in criminal cases in regards to the consequences of a criminal conviction in relation to their immigration status and their eligibility to apply for adjustment of status. In some cases, a criminal conviction can be devastating to the client's pending application for benefits with the immigration service, resulting in deportation or the loss of eligibility for adjustment of status or naturalization. Some criminal convictions, which may seem relatively minor, may be deportable without any hearing in Immigration Court. We help our clients avoid deportation and loss of immigration benefits by developing a plan to resolve each criminal case with the immigration consequences of primary concern.

We provide our clients a comprehensive range of services in order to help them provide a family for their adopted child or orphan from abroad. We advise them in regards to the requirements of the immigration service and assist them in obtaining the appropriate visa for the child's legal entry into the United States. We also prepare petitions for adoption within the United States, obtain home studys from licensed adoption agencies, and provide other services to fulfill the legal requirements for releasing the child to emigrate from the foreign country into the United States.




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